Metals levels in the body

About a year ago I began going to a naturapic doctor for a
condition I was dealing with. One of the diagnostic tests we
tried used hair cuttings to check on the various metals in my
body (a concern after working with metals for 20 years). Seeing
the results were like looking at a history book of my body. It
showed the level of every element in my body. Totally
amazing!!! The test was done through Great Smokies
Diagnostics. Not very expensive for all that it showed.

Jim Dailing

Hi Jim, Are you using cell salts to help solve your problems? I
am researching them. Any one else? I would love to know more. I
want to post the resulting info on my website when I finish.

Tell me please what was the cost of the procedure? I have had
much contamination and am having health problems. would love to
find out if it is work related. Does anyone have info on long
term effects after cyanide contamination. If you have any
Information it would be appreciated.
Thanks Ringman
John Henry