Metallurgy book

Tim McCreight is close to publishing THE definitive book on
goldsmithing. It was written in German about 45 years ago by
Brepohl and has not been translated until Charles Lewton-Brain
sat down to the task. This project has been years in the making
and will be worth the wait.

The book is a very serious analysis and workshop guide for all
of the maeterials and processes in making jewelry. For instance,
there are illustrations of what actually happens inside sheet
when the metal is rolled. There are lots of formulae and
explanations that would satisfy the most professional jewelry
maker. But it may be a bit too much for beginners or those
unprepared for heavy reading.

Personally I cannot wait to get a copy in English. While I read
some German, the original is too complex to grasp without
checking frequently in a English-German dictionary.

Check with Tim or Charles for the current state of the project.

Alan Revere
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
San Francisco

Several years ago an English friend brought me a book from
England entitled “Working in Precious Metals” by Ernest A. Smith.
I think Rio Grande used to carry it, but it may be now out of
print in the U.S. It is a metallurgical reference book, fairly
technical but understandable. It was first published in 1933, so
the style of writing seems a little stilted. However, I was a
complete novice at the time and the book was helpful in helping
me understand what was happening with the various metals and
alloys on a molecular level, mechanical properties, etc.

Rene Roberts