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[MetalCalc] Online Calculators for the Jeweler

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Online Calculators for the Jeweler

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Online collection of
Calculators for the Jeweler:

MetalCalc - Calculate the length or weight of various precious
metal products.

Units - 7 Calculators for Measurements Conversions

// – MetalCalc – //

CodeHouse programming house has recently offered the
exclusive copyrights for their Java based calculator - MetalCalc.

MetalCalc helps calculate the length or weight of various
precious metal products based on the dimensions you enter. The
available metals include 10K, 14K, and 18K gold, sterling silver,
pure silver, and platinum.

We are happy to offer the web community a free use of MetalCalc
through our website at:

// – Units - 7 Calculators for Measurements Conversions – //

In addition to the recent upload of MetalCalc, We have just
finished to install 7 new Calculators to help with the conversion
of different measurements units.

o Area

Square meter, Square centimeter, Square millimeter, Square foot,
Square inch.

o Circular

Circumference, Radian, Degree, Grad.

o Weight

Kiloton, Tonne, Hundredweight, Kilogram, Newton, Gram, Carat,

-Avoirdupois (U.S.):
Long Ton, Short Ton, Long Hundredweight, Short Hundredweight,
Stone, Pound, Ounce, Dram, Grain, Troy: Pound, Ounce, Pennyweight,
Carat, Dyne, Grain,

Pound, Ounce, Dram, Scruple, Grain,

o Length

Kilometer (km),Meter (m), Decimeter (dm), Centimeter (cm),
Millimeter (mm).

-British And American:
League, Mile (mi), Furlong (fur), Chain (ch), Rod (rd), Yard
(yd), Foot (ft), Inch (in).

o Pressure

Pascal, Milibar, Kilopascal. Bar. Mercury: Inch of mercury,
Centimeter of mercury, Milimeter of mercury.

Pound per square foot, Pound per square inch (psi), Atmosphere.

o Temprature

Degrees Celsius, Degrees Fahrenheit, Degrees Kelvin

o Volume

Cubic meter (cu m), Hectoliter (hl), Decaliter (dl), Liter (l),
Milliliter (ml), Cubic centimeter (cu cm), Cubic millimeter (cu

–U.S. Liquid Measure:
Acre foot, Cubic yard (cu yd), Barrel, Cubic foot (cu ft), Gallon
(gal), Quart (qt), Pint (pt), Gill (gi), Fluid Ounce (fl oz),
Cubic inch (cu in) Fluid dram (fl dr) Minim (min)

–U.S. Dry Measure:
Cubic yard (cu yd), Barrel, Bushel (bu), Cubic foot (cu ft),
Peck (pk), Gallon (gal), Quart (qt), Pint (pt), Gill (gi), Dry
Ounce (dr oz), Cubic inch (cu in), Dry dram (dr dr), Minim (min),
British Imperial Liquid And Dry: Bushel (bu), Peck (pk), Gallon
(gal), Quart (qt), Pint (pt), Gill (gi), Minim (min)

Visit MetalCalc and Units at:


Dr. E. Aspler