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Metal spinning tools


Hi Guys, Does anyone know of company that sells metal spinning
tools. These look like wood lathe except that they’re used to
raise hollow on a lathe. There are usually about five different
types; spoon, ball, points, cutting tool, and a lip rounding
tool that a wheel with a groove. There are also tool rest but the
they have to be custom fit to your lathe. If anyone can help,



Hi, I had question for the group. Does anyone know of source of
tool for metal spinning (raising hollow ware on a lathe)? These
tools are similar to wood turning tool but don’t work in the
same fashion. I believe there are five types; spoon, ball, point,
beading tool for putting rolled lip, and cut off tool. There is
also tool rest but these are generally custom made for the lathe.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Jim Zimmerman @Jim_Zimmerman1


Hi: There is a site in Seattle That teaches this art, perhaps
they can help… or
call 1-253-272-2226…

hope I have helped… Ringman John