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Metal Sealer & Tarnish Inhibitor

I am casting some small pieces (2" x 4") in white bronze for
exterior use. Their background is filled with an epoxy resin. They
will be exposed to harsh northern winters, as well as hot summers.
They will be highly polished, both the metal and the resin, and need
to keep this look.

The solutions I’ve come up with will not work:

Laquer- will not withstand the elements Clear powder coat- the resin
fill will not take the 400 degree temperature of the powder coat

Chrome or other plating- the piece is curved and the resin fill is
ground down to the curvature of the metal piece and polished, any
plating would be removed in the process.

Does anyone have any ideas of what to use?



Plating can be done AFTER you do the resin fill.

Dean D. Amick Jr.
Master Goldsmith
Hamilton Jewelers


For the coating, have you investigated a two part colored epoxy resin
such as Ceramit. They have a clear version that is cured by time and
not heat. It is important with this type of resin to make sure you
are mixing in the exact proportions that are recommended by the
manufacturer, otherwise the product will not set up properly.

I think this is a place to start the investigation. Maybe someone
who has lots of experience can add their comments on using this type
of product for your application.

Beth Katz
Paste Solder and Powder Solder for Metalsmiths and Jewelers

Perhaps this place will have a product that will help you:

Sculpt Nouveau

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