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Metal recovery from abrasive paper

I need to recover my gold from abrasive paper dust and polishing
process. How can I do it?

Alberto Colmenares

You can use Aquaregia Process, First Burn the polishing dust and
abrasive paper then go for aquaregia process.



you should speak to whomever your refiner is. I use Pease and Curren
in Providence RI for this type of refining. They will send you a
barrel, you fill it up with all of your broken drill bits, sand
paper, saw blades, floor sweepings, lint from your buffing machine,
old dirty buffing wheels, etc.even your vaccum cleaner bags. Then
when you have over 10 pounds of junk they will take it and refine it.
DO NOT put your bench sweepings into that barrel. You don’t get as
good a return on your scrap price wise, cleaner scrap gets a better

If you are diligent you should fill up a barrel about once a year.
Coincidently, I am sending our barrel to the refiners today. They
are having Fed Ex pick it up.

You should also consider having the refiner return 24K grain to you
instead of just selling them your gold. Why sell them gold and then
have to buy more? You will end up paying a refiners fee and then pay
someone again for their refining charges on the new gold.

Advanced Chemical in Warwick RI also offers this service, I use them
as well.

Good luck, Dennis

How about putting them in the ultrasonic for a short time - this
should shake loose and dust and particles.

I imagine it would also shake loose some abrasives so it would
probably be good to clean the unit well after this.