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Metal molds made with cad/cam

Ok, I hope everyone had a wonderfully profitable holiday season as
did I. I want to re-discuss the issue of making jewelry using a
hydaulic press. The topic was getting alot of talk, but then the
holiday came and the subject dropped. I am willing to pay someone
for a blueprint or am even willing to pay to have one built. I am a
small production shop fabricating anything in gold or silver that
intrests me, which considering I have a depeted inventrory as I
write this means they like my product. The only problem is prosity
and 95% detail. I want to get to 100% and I feel I can ony achieve
this using a press to bring out the tiny details. Is there anyone out
there that shares the same feelings on this issue. If so write me
directly. Scott Isaacs Berry’s Jewerly Co. downtown Nashville,Tn
cad/cam designs @Scott_Isaacs1

Hi Scott, Can you email a picture of the part/parts you are trying
to make. We have stamping capabilities and some serious casting
capabilities that do allow us to get prorosity free castings and an
excellent finishing department. I can’t comment on what the best way
to make the item is without seeing something. Some items cannot be
stamped… email: Even if you want to do
it yourself, we may be able to advise you. Daniel Grandi

Are you planning to use the hydraulic press as part of your casting
process or are you going to develop a line of fabricated pieces to
supplement the castings?

Marilyn Smith