Metal market prices

Hi y’all, I’m wondering if there is an existing email list that
would conveniently keep me updated daily about the fluctuating silver
and gold market prices?

Much thanks’

anastasia - i’ve bookmarked Gold Spot Prices | Silver Prices | Platinum & Palladium| KITCO - it’s an
updated site - ive

AnastasiA, As an AOL memmber you have access to a lot of info. After
you sign on, go to the news channel. Under the list of news sections
click on business news. Once there click on the market news center.
Click on the futures button. On the bottom left scroll down the
list of reports available to the precious metals daily report. The
prices and news are updated every day. By the way click on the heart
and it will be put on your favorites list and you can go there
directly whenever you want.

Larry Seiger

Try Kitco at:- Kitco Inc. - Gold & Precious Metal Price Updates John Burgess

I don’t know about e-mail, but there are several web sites. E.g. or

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?.

hope this helps. MP

Anastasia: Try some of the web sites that provide stock and commodity
Quotes. Or you can call Johnson Mathey or your local refiner for spot
prices on gold and silver. Also most Pawn shops can give you a spot
price as they buy and sell on a regular basis. Frank Goss