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Metal hardness

Was: Forming 24K Gold

This is from Mark Grimwade’s Introduction to Precious
Metals. A wonderful book that is unfortunately out of print but can
be occasionally found on the used book sellers lists.

Pure Metals
Gold: Annealed 20 HV, Hard 58 HV
Silver: Annealed 22 HV, Hard 100 HV
Platinum: Annealed 37 HV, Hard 108 HV
Palladium: Annealed 37 HV, Hard 106 HV

Sterling Silver: Annealed 56 HV, Hard 140-180 HV
18K Yellow (12.5% Ag - 12.5% Cu): Annealed 150 HV, Hard 225 HV
18K Ni White (14% Ni - 11% (Cu+Zn)): Annealed 220 HV, Hard 350 HV
14K Yellow (20.5% Ag - 21% Cu): Annealed 190 HV, Hard 260 HV
14K Ni White (14.5% Ni - 20% Cu - 7% Zn): Annealed 152 HV

With gold alloys there are tens if not hundreds of variations so the
above info is just a representative sample. Your supplier should be
able to provide you with this info and if they can’t then ask them to
get it for you. This is the only way we can convince suppliers that
we need more on the metals they supply.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts