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Metal colouring and patinas

There have been a number of posts on these subjects lately and I
thought I might let folks l know of a book which has been most
helpful to me. I might have missed it if someone else has already
suggested it, so please forgive me if I am repeating someone else’s
post. The book is ;
The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals
By Richard Hughes & Michael Rowe

I paid at least US $125 when it first came out years ago. Now it
lists at about US $85 but Amazon has a bunch for about $54 Sic
transit gloria mundi.

The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals
By Richard Hughes
Price: $53.55

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer : Watson-Guptill Publications
Release data : 01 February, 1991

It is not especially aimed at jewellers - more oriented towards
sculptors and architects. Lots of stuff about bronzes and copper
especially. But still a great resource, especially for us humble
types who mess about with (ugh) “base” metals. Excellent recipes
including colour photos of each patina so you can pick and choose and
know what you’re getting. Step by step instructions. Hundreds of
recipes. Also good info about toxicity of the various chemicals and
processes. I was able to get good results on some large pieces of
copper for a fireplace facing - The colours came out just like the
picture and I was able to select a recipe with no toxic risks
associated. The patina has lasted undaunted for 16 years now,
resistant to the sprays of dozens of evil housecats, repeated
washings occasioned by same, and other viscissitudes of daily life.
Highly recommended.

Marty -

Happy to be back in Victoria after a short time in the blooming

FYI we are selling our copy of The Coloring, Bronzing, and
Patination of Metals by Richard Hughes & Michael Rowe for $40.00. Its
in excellent condition.