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Metal Clay Tools for free

Hello, Calling all metal clayers on Orchid. Since I am no longer teaching workshops, I am deaccessioning an assorted collection of my tools. Includes: two manual pasta machines used for polymer clay; some firebrick kiln pads, a bunch of assorted hand tools; a bunch of working mug warmers; assorted waterbrushes; and a beautiful working double hotplate; and , last but not least, a collection of metal stamping tools (some were for stamping precious metals and some were for leather, and all work on metal clay). All can be yours, if you’re the first person to respond to this. All or nuthin’, folks (and I’m not going to photograph the goodies, so don’t ask, please). I will ship and that would be your only cost, but if you want, you can come pick them up. Just email me at

We would love to have to have these tools!

Pam Farren
Worcester Center for Crafts

I’m probably too late but could come pick them up at your convenience.

Sorry. Someone beat ya to it

Darn, too late. That was a very nice offer. Thank you Linda! That will teach me not opening my emails quickly enough! :smiley::+1:t3: Have a very blessed day!

Drat would have LOVED this for our local lapidary club, people walked out with all their equipment years ago and I’ve been trying to build it back up for the past 4 years.

Dear Ganoksin/ Orchid, I am the original poster of this thread. Is there a way to delete it?