Metal Arts Opportunities in Oregon and Las Vegas

Hi Folks -

Well, my fortunes have changed drastically, and I am looking to
relocate to a more affordable housing market.

I am investigating both Las Vegas, Nevada and Portland, Oregon, but
in order to make a decision, it’s important - no CRITICAL - that my
new location must have access to opportunities to continue my
instruction in jewelry and the metal arts, and the ability to connect
with others who work in metal and jewelry, and if I’m lucky, glass

Googling metal arts and jewelry arts and jewelry classes, etc in Las
Vegas returns nothing. I would love to hear from others in Las Vegas
who can tell me where to find other jewelers and instructors.

And I would love to hear from those in Portland Oregon about your
experience of the availability of good instructors, and the jewelry
arts community there.

Thank you all so much!


Hi Linda,

Opportunities for jewelry classes/activities in Portland Oregon are:

Oregon College of Art and Craft where they have a BFA
program in metals and jewelry as well as evening noncredit classes

Multnomah Art Center classes with jewelry instructor Kristin M.
Shiga (a favorite teacher of mine)

Clackamas Community College has a jewelry program

CMAG - Creative Metal Arts Guild, an active group of artists working
with all types of metal (gold, silver, pmc, copper, steel, etc)

Metal art gallery

For glass work there is

Best Wishes with your relocation