Metal Arts Guild of Canada Nuit Blanche

I would like to invite everyone to view the two stop motion videos
promoting the Nuit Blanche “10,000 Hours” project of the Metal Arts
Guild of Canada. Nuit Blanche is an night of public art, from sunset
to sunupin cities across the world. On Oct 3 2009 in Toronto, Canada
the Metal Arts Guild is presenting a collection of 10,000 metal
objects that symbolize the 10,000 hours of dedication and practice
needed to become a master craftsman. We have 3000 items that have
already been contributed but we need help to reach our goal of
10,000! Many individual artists have already sent in work from all
over North America and we would like to thank everyone who has done
so. But we need so much more and I am hoping that schools could take
this as a challenge to send us the contents of their scrap bins and
student samples! George Brown College in Toronto was able to
contribute an incredible 1250 pieces this way. Visit

for more on the installation and how to get involved.
View the stop motion films on BenchTube

using metal contributed by individual artists

Sara Cummins