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Metal Art Clubs

Hello folks,

I am Joe Kilpatrick and I am in charge of publicity of the Houston Metal
Arts Guild. We have been in existence for only a few years. We are
looking for any ideas for: speakers, demonstrations, ideas to create
public awareness of the metal arts and artist, ideas for shows and/or

I would love to hear from any members and/or officers of other clubs.

Also, anyone interested in joining our club, please contact me. My e-mail
is: @jeweler.

Thanks for your time.

Joe Kilpatrick

I would love to join your club! I’m financially strapped now, so if there
are dues, well, i can’t pay them. But keep me informed, and I’ll be in
touch. Jessie

Hi Joe

I have been involved with Metalsmith guilds for the last 8 years here in
Az. Both in Phoenix and Tuscon… FYI - Snag has a brochure of speakers and
teachers - AND every year they offer scholarships and grants to metal
organizations. If you have a SNAG member in your group, there is a slide
bank they can have access to, the grants are easy to apply for and easy to
get… We had Michael Good in Phx and A Hazards in the Metalshop workshop
in Tuscon and Phoenix… and both were free to the members… most $$$ was
paid by SNAG

If you have any questions… Just let me know… I have been writing grants
for 5 years now. And it is easier than it looks.