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Metal Allergies


This is off the cuff but pertains to the topic. Metal allergies
can also do major damage to surgery incisions. ( I have metal
allergies, maybe from working with the stuff for so long.All I
can wear anymore is gold.) Anyway if your going to have surgery
and have metal allergies be sure to inform the Dr. It’s horrible
to have something your allergic to inside you where you can’t get
to it, i.e… incision staples…Char


Hi Char, I know how this is. I recently had knee surgery and
needed to have two screws and washers put deep into my tibial
bone. The doctor had to specially order “Titanium”, due to my
newest metal allergy, stainless steel". They also had to use silk
instead of staples. It’s a terrible thing when you become
allergic to all this stuff. Pardon me, I’m a lurker and just had
to add my 2 cents to the stew. Have a good day! Kim / Grey Wolf