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Mermaid Rubber Mold

I found this rubber mold for a mermaid charm at a recent estate
sale. I know nothing about it except that the seller referred to it
as “lost wax” process. I know a little about the lost wax process
and don’t believe she’s correct. I wonder if anyone can help me
identify this mold?

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Linda; Hat is exactly what it is, it is a vulcanized rubber mold,
that is used in Lost Wax casting. The mold is pressed between two
plates and held up to a wax injector.

The wax is then forced into the cavity of the rubber mold to form
the wax pattern that will then be set into a slurry of gypsum,
cristobolite and some other stuff.

This then is placed into a kiln, or oven where that wax is allowed
to drip out the bottom then the metal, is cast into the cavity left
in the investment by the melting wax. (Hence, the process called Lost
Wax Casting)

Kenneth Ferrell

Linda, this is indeed a vulcanized rubber mold made for creating
waxes for lost wax casting production work. Hot wax is injected into
this mold, removed, sprued up, invested, burned out, and cast in
silver, gold or whatever metal is desired. More on this
process is available in various books on jewlery casting, or in
catalogs such as Rio Grande’s Tool Catalog (happy customer).

M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler