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Merlin's gold

Does anyone know of a supplier of merlin’s gold wire? I used to get
it from Rio Grande, but when I asked about it last week, the order
taker had never heard of it and I couldn’t find it in the catalog.


Pg. 50 in the new Rio catalog has brass # CDA 230 alloy and says
that it is also known as Jeweler’s Bronze or Merlin’s Gold. They
have it as sheet and wire.



Indian Jeweler’s Supply is a good source of Red Brass wire in all
sizes (and small quantities, which is nice). I’m pretty sure red
brass and Merlin’s gold are the same thing - 85% copper, 15% zinc.
IJS also carries many other types of red brass stock, such as
tubing, bezel wire, etc.

Good luck and have fun,
Jessee Smith