Merchant services nightmare

I finally got around to registering my business name this week, and
along with the acknowledgment letter from the Sec.of State was 4
offers for credit card services, one of which was from the outfit
getting the “exposure” here of late. They certainly are on the ball
as far as soliciting new business is concerned!

Spike Cornelius
Portland, Or.
RC ArtMetal

Spike, a good idea would be to install a shredder somewhere near
your mailbox. You will be flooded with offers to either obtain credit
cards or use “XYZ” company’s card processing services. And, you’ll
also start getting calls from alarm companies too. For a while I had
anywhere from 2 to 3 calls a day, every day, until I told them in no
uncertain terms, to remove my name from their list. That is, of
course, unless you really like getting these calls… (Very Big Grin

Good luck!