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Mentoring classes in Boise ID


I am checking to see where in Boise there may be an opprotunity for
me to either take classes or have some sort of access to someone
that I could learn from or ask questions. I’m a semi-beginner, have
my own studio space but no torch. I find that I am needing to meet
with other working artists periodically to work, learn, chat, etc. I
have already tried the Idaho School of Art and Craft but this is not
a good fit for me becuase of schedule and philosophy. IMAG meets but
for meetings, not working sessions.


You might might try contacting Chris Blickfeldt. He and his wife
have considerable experience. He has taught silversmithing on and
off. If you can’t find him in a phone book in the Boise area, call
the local rock club and they can tell you how to get in touch with

Wishing you success,
Rose Alene

Hi Rebecca,

Pay a visit to Robert Kaylor at R. Grey Gallery in Boise. He’s a
talented and well connected jeweler and may have suggestions or
thoughts on what’s available locally. The gallery is in downtown

Best Wishes,

I concur with Britt’s recommendation. Robert was my first fine
jewelry mentor clear back in like 1984 or 1986. Something like that.

Here is a link:

Keith Hible