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Mentor for my first wholesale show

Wholesale show tutor / mentor needed

I am in need of a tutor / mentor for my first wholesale show, next
year in February. I have done a lot of retail shows, art & craft
festivals, fine art shows etc. and want to try the wholesale shows
now, but have no clue about a lot of different things. I just got
accepted for the Buyers Market in Philadelphia and now I try to
figure out how to organize these shows. Is there anybody out there
who could try to answer some of my questions?

Thank you in advance,
Edith (@Edith_Schneider)
Edith Schneider Jewelry
P.O.Box 52001
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 813 9755

Contact the Buyer’s Market people, in the past they have offerred
mentors for newbies making the request.