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Meneiscus in soldering cup bezel

Hi All -

I’ve checked the archives & can’t find an answer to my question. I
have to solder bezel cups (cast) to a flat sheet.

The cups have a rounded bottom edge. I’ve tried annealing &
flattening the bottom from the inside with the flat end of a dapping
punch or similar for the smaller cups. I’ve tried sweat soldering.
I’ve also tried soldering around the outside but would need to
control the solder flow better as it went in directions other than
intended. Neither attempt gives me that beautiful meniscus around
the bottom of the bezel. I usually make my own bezels but these are
a size that I would have difficulty making. I’d appreciate any help
you can offer.


Hi Sheila,

I have been in the same situation my self. This may sound a little

I usually drill a hole in the bottom. Turn the cup upside down,
solder it in place and then I carefully file the bottom loose. It
usually works fine for me.

Try it on some scrap first.

Good Luck
Don Meixner

Can you just file/sand the bottom of the cup until it sits flat on
the sheet? Alternatively, could you drill a depression into the sheet
that the bezel cup could sit in, just deep enough to cover the
rounded bottom? Trying to fill the gap left by that rounded cup is
going to take an awful lot of solder. I think you’d be better off
trying to make the joint square instead of trying to get excess
solder to climb the bezel without spreading across the sheet.


File/grind then sand the bottom of the cup down until it is as flush
as possible to the sheet. This may take a while, since the bottom
edge of the cup is likely fairly round. Rob

Rob Meixner

I am somewhat confused by the word meniscus as it seems to pertain to
something to do with a kneecap ? However, what you are describing is
lack of sufficient heat.