Memory chips in jewelry

Hi, everyone. A buddy dropped a box of memory chips by the
studio yesterday. They’re round and fairly large diameter with
wonderful designs that would look terrific in earrings or in
cufflinks. He says that they handle like glass and can shatter
easily. Anyone have any experience with using these in jewelry.
Thanks. Fleury Sommers

I would love to see some of these memory chips. Is there any way
to get a some of them?

Etienne Perret

Dear Fleury Sommers, A friend of mine just started using computer
parts in his designs that he is working on right now. These
parts are very interesting and curious focal pieces to designs.
He did mention that they can be hard to work with, but he tends
to set them in similar manners as he would a stone. My only
advice is, if you have a lot of them, just test them. I think
the only way you will learn what you can do with them is to just
try it. See how far you can push the idea, and have fun.

Kim Zercher
BFA Candidate
Tyler School of Art
Philadelphia, PA

why would you put the memory chips in the jewelery. Just for
the unique design or would they serve some purpose?

I work with the material that the chips are manufactured from.
Milling, drilling and grinding it. A diamond drill is the only
thing to use, chip must be supported on back side during
drilling, they don’t flex they break. Stay as far away from edge
as possible, they break easily. It works best if you drill say
half way through chip thickness then turn over and finish
drilling hole. Helps to keep them from breaking. Make a fixture
to set chip inside, of keep flooded with water to carry away
lose material. Did I mention they break easily? Best of luck,

Yes, I have if their made of silicon. I backed them with 14k
gold sheet and it seemed to help but it is very fragile. Matt the Catt