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Melting stainless steel

I got an inquiry from someone who was interested in having a
Christmas gift made for his girlfriend. She had a history of cutting
herself with razors and is now a recovering addict. The boyfriend
wanted to know if Icould melt down stainless steel razors and pour it
into a mold for a pendant as a gift to her. I don’t think it could be
done. Last time I tried to melt stainless steel, it was an ungodly
mess and that was it. I can melt mild steel, and do gas welding time
to time, but stainless steel is a whole other ballgame. Any of you
have tried melting stainless steel into functional jewelry?


It should be possible to do if you have access to a TIG set. Thats a
tungsten tipped arc welding hand piece with argon shielding gas. We
weld stainless frequently with our modern inverter set not in
jewellery making tho.

Ive used my old as in 1960’s tig set to make stainless steel
jewellery. works fine.

But to melt and pour in a mould ? not a chance.

You would need at least 200 amps DC to melt enough on a ceramic
block to get a useable piece of the remelted blades.