Melting Scrap Silver

Hi Folks, Soon, I hope to be casting, as well as fabricating,
silver jewelry as a hobby. Hopefully, it will fully develop one
day into product that can be sold. I’m trying out different
ideas from books just now, before making any major purchases of
equipment, tools and supplies. I don’t know the melting
temperature of the various grades of silver, but I would like to
try melting down small pieces of scrap silver. Can anyone
suggest the simplest way to do this? I have outdoor natural gas
connection that I could use for some type of gas burner that
could be used to heat up a covered crucible, or an appropiate
melting pot. But, I don’t know if it would become hot enough to
melt silver. Any suggestion you would care to offer, would be
much appreciated. Best Regards, Eric Vincent.

Before you do anything, run–don’t walk–to your nearest online
bookstore and get Tim McCreight’s reference book “The Complete
Metalsmith.” He has another campanion book on casting. both have
lots of reference info and "how to’s on melting metal, melting
temperatures, buying and setting up equipment, etc.

Good luck

Virginia Lyons