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Melting Gold


Dennis, and fellow Orchidians,

Just to keep the record straight, WD-40 has NEVER contained Teflon,
nor any silica compounds. It is primarily just a solvent, a triple
refined petroleum distillate (mineral spirits). If given enough time
it will dissipate completely, leaving no residue. It has even been
recommended by veterinarians to remove fly paper adhesive from pet
birds who are highly susceptible to ingesting foreign substances. If
a canary can safely preen WD-40 from it’s feathers, its pretty benign

I certainly have no clue what made your group sick, but think it
highly unlikely that WD-40 was the culprit. As an outside shot, some
folks, who are not fond of the proprietary perfume that is used to
give it that “WD-40ish” aroma, have complained that the smell upsets
their stomachs… That’s a long-shot at best. The perfume,
by-the-way, is the single most expensive component in the secret
recipe. But I doubt seriously that it could cause you to become
physically ill by cooking it.

Perhaps there was some other substance that contaminated your pour
that caused your distress? Or possibly a flu bug that may have been
circulating? Or even possibly you used a different brand of spray
lubricant that DID contain Teflon? (There are several of those out
there.) Because you are correct, heating Teflon to high temperatures
can definitely be injurious to your health. In fact, overheating a
Teflon pan on the kitchen stove is the cause of death of many pet
birds every year!

(Whose paycheck was signed by the WD-40 Company for over 15 years,
and had as many as eight parrots in his home for most of those years,
and who won’t allow a Teflon pan in his house!) Stempinski

Steve’s Place
Jewelry Repair


Sorry if I was mistaken about the WD 40, I thought that was what he
was using. We used it in the shop for a lot of things. However, I do
remember that the spray he used did contain Teflon because it said so
on the can. Sorry for the libelous statement. thanks for clearing it
up. Dennis