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Melting furnace info sought

I need recommendations about which melting furnace to purchase. I
have been looking a Contenti’s digital units that have the capacities
of 70 or 100 oz of gold. Anyone using any of these units? Pro or con
I’d like to know why.

I attempt to make “jewelry” using lost wax for 1/8 scale steam
locomotives, valves and fittings etc. I work with aluminum, brass
and bronze. I would like to be able to melt 5 pounds at a time. I
have used a propane fired furnace but it takes to much effort to use,
and it requires two people mainly for safety. I’m looking for
something that is table top.

Albany, Oregon

I have an older model small Kerr unit, since discontinued with a
newer design available.

It has definite advantages - The graphite crucible insures a
reducing atmosphere during melting. This is a real help with silver.
You do have to watch crucible life. Attempts to use the crucible for
too many melts can cause a crucible to break out in the furnace with
a mess.


The digital furnaces are great, I’ve used several makes and
different sizes over the years, make sure you get one with automatic
temp controls. The manual ones are pretty useless, they require baby

Keep in mind that with brass and bronze, you’ll be at the upper end
of their working range which tends to cook crucibles and elements a
bit faster than the usual Sterling and gold.

You’re not going to melt 5 lbs of anything except gold at one time
in them either, they’re not quite big enough for that.