Meiji Binocular Stero Microscopes

My personal choice for a stereo microscope .

Meiji Techno is where I intend to purchase my gemological microscope
. The same microscope head can be removed and used with a simple lens
change as a stereo microscope for fine stone setting and engraving.
It would be great for pave .

I have spent 6 months searching for what I would consider spending
my limited finances on. This is it. I consider this scope to be a
best buy .

It is an entire interrelated system. Buy what you need now, what you
want later . I intend to purchase the trinocular head as it will
enable me to provide photographs or digital images for use in
appraising and sales .

All this is with the standard disclaimer . " Bearded one
speaks with straight tongue "

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer