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Meetup in Franklin, NC

Prolly should have sent this earlier, but…I will be at the Franklin, NC gem shows exhibiting faceting rough and a few small cut stones this week. The location for the Franklin Faceter’s Frolic and Macon County Gemboree at the Carpenter Building. The Faceter’s Frolic, which I co-founded 11 years ago, has been folded into the Gemboree this year. Frolic is focussed on faceting, but the rest of the Gemboree and the GLW show (big white tent up the road) and a few roadside outdoor shows have rocks and gems and jewelry stuff, too. Everything from beads to specimens to equipment…

If you happen to come to the Gemboree, stop by my booth (look for Roy) and say hello. If there are any Orchidians around, I would love to meet up for dinner one evening. The Frolic runs Thursday to Sunday and some of the other shows start on Wednesday. I’ll be giving a talk on maximizing yield in faceting on Saturday…the Frolic has a Facebook group with schedule and details. This is pretty much the largest jewelry and gem show outside of NYC in the East, so it’s worth a visit, esp. if you are looking for rocks and gems. GLW show does have lots of finished jewelry, too.