Meeting with John Burgess

Hello All:

I just wanted to give you a personal update on John Burgess. I was
very honored to have the pleasure of meeting John in person. John is
in good spirits, hobbling around with a broken ankle. He still can’t
drive, but has a wonderful scooter that allows him mobility to stores
for small errands. At the time I met John, Jean was still in the
hospital, and had been for six weeks! She was planning to come home
later that week.

John is the most energetic older person I have ever met. His house
is filled with inventions all over. He is into woodworking, wood
carving, spinning, jewelry making, lapidary and chemistry. Wow.
Every drawer, book case, table top, etc., has been made by John.

John never stopped smiling, during the entire time and we were given
the ultimate tour of all of us artistic pursuits. He is warm and is
a prolific writer and reader. John gave Dave and I a beautiful birch
bowl which he turned on a lathe, plus a lovely chunk of jade to work
with in my studio.

Thank you John for a lovely visit and for the beautiful gifts which
I will treasure.


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Thank you for the update on John Burgess and the rundown of your
visit with him. And thank you for taking the time to let us all know
he is doing well.

While John and I have talked on line on occasion, I have never had
the pleasure of meeting him. Your description just makes him that
much nearer.

But especially, it is just wonderful to hear that he and Jean are
doing well. John, if you are listening… Angie and I want to wish
you and Jean a very happy New Year and we wish for you continuing
rapid recovery!

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2

Thanks, Karen!

Just a little update – John is now out of the clamshell cast on his
ankle. And Jean came home on Dec. 22!!! She seems to be doing very
well. Margaret