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Meeting in N.H

i am sorry to say the gathering in N.H. is cancelled for lack of
interest. i did receive some replies but not enough to continue with
the planning. i was really disapointed as i thought it would be fun
and informative to have something going in this part of the country.
I did receive a nice note from Charles, sending greeting to the group
from Hanuman and himself.

I have not given up hope and i will try again in the spring. I will
also keep in touch with the people that did respond and maybe we can
have a small group get together.

Louise gerstenblatt

Hi all you .New Englanders, I think I should have cancelled the
meeting here sooner. I received more replies to the cancellation than
I did for the meeting. They were sorry they missed the original note
and were very interested in attending a future get
together.Soooooooooooo I willtry to plan another one. Since the
weather now is so unpredictable.I will wait until spring,I think. To
all who responded,I will be in touch to find out what your thoughts
are. Thanks to all of you it really gave me lots of encouragement.
If you want to get on a list for future mailings,email me at

Thanks again,Louise Gerstenblatt