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Medic Alert; also Untreated gem topic


Hi all, After reading about the beautiful medic alert bracelets some
have been asked to craft, I was thinking that someone ought to do a
nice advertising campaign of some sort to alert the medical
community that indeed that stunning bracelet could contain medic
alert - are medics still just looking for those old
style bracelets? Just a thought.

Also as I’ve mentioned before, in our own backyard are the infamous
Yogo sapphires which are not treated (as differentiated from treated
’Montana sapphires’) and available from folks who live up in the
Sapphire Village, MT area (as well as Roncor - no affiliation - and
also those who own lots with digging rights and just visit mostly in
the summer to mine) and mine them a bucket at a time (in addition to
the ever changing cast of companies who run the main operation -
quite a history that location has!) The drawback is that I believe
they are not often greater than a carat and are pretty pricey - but
they are beautiful! However one might use the rough chips that are
deemed too small to cut, as I did, for a pair of earrings by just
epoxying (now don’t die!) them into a silver fabricated frame - the color
is great. JoAnn