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Meco Midget/Torch Tips

I use the “Little Torch” which does have a variety of tip sizes.
Several years ago, I dropped my torch and one of the tips that I use
a lot, got damaged. I needed to use it that same day, so I drilled
out the crushed tip and hard soldered in a half inch length of white
gold tubing with the same inside diameter hole. It’s been fine ever
since. The hardness of the white gold is a plus, this one hasn’t
gotten mashed up like the original tip. I’ve also cut back old tips
and soldered in larger tubes for a bigger flame. Hope this helps.

Jesse Kaufman

Jesse,when you added the white gold tube to the opening in the
tips of your Meco torch, did it alter the tendency they have to blow
out easily when moved at different angles?

Thanks! Frif,