Meco midget correct flame adjustment

Hi Orchid Members,

I hope you’re well, and thank you so much for the invaluable
that’s been posted. I hope to be able to contribute some
knowledge in the future.

I recently purchased a meco midget after doing some research, and
I’m very excited to begin using it. However, I can’t seem to get the
torch flame correct. I turn on the propane first, and I use a striker
to light it. The flame immediately goes out. The oxygen knob is
closed, so I’m not sure why the flame is disappearing.

Also, the regulator for the propane tank seems to be faulty. The
pressure gauge never changes even though I turn the knob. I think I
might be doing something wrong.

I’d appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you for your time.



What type of propane regulator do you have? If you have one with 2
gauges on it, then when the tank’s valve is turned on, you will see
how full the tank is on one gauge, and how much pressure is being
pushed out through your hose on the other one. If you have a
regulator which does not have a gauge on it, like the type used on
camping propane cylinders, then be sure to open the knob ALL THE WAY
to turn it on.

I have found that these camping-style regulators ( I use them in my
studio-they work great) just need to be turned on fully to work
properly. You made a good choice by buying that Meco Midget. It is
probably my favorite torch. I have taken to polishing mine on the
buffer, so it looks like it’s made of polished gold! ( We jeweler’s
get kind of anal sometimes…)

Jay Whaley


The problem may be that you have the pressure to high, turn the
pressure regulator all the way to the left so there is no pressure
then put the end of the torch near your ear, then close the
regulator valve slowly when you start to hear or the gas open it
slightly more then try to light the torch.

The gas pressure should not be very high for a torch that size.