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Mechanical pencils

A client of mine is desperate to repair his Parker 75 Sterling
silver mechanical pencil (purchased in 1963). The outer shell is
dented and the end piece which is supposed to be removeable will
not unscrew in order to remove the guts from the shell and put a
rod inside the shell and pop out the dent. The Parker people,
although they guarantee their pens forever, say they cannot fix
it and cannot replace it. The Pen Hospital people in NYC and
Chicago are not much assistance either. Is their a pen/pencil
repair wizard out there?

Hi, Can you solder a wire to the worst part of the dent and
pull? This is a good way to remove dents from a bangle brec. It
should work the same way. Tom Arnold


Is this the model with the cross-hatching pattern that looks
like graph paper? Is the mechanism of the pencil still
functional? You might be able to get the guts to loosen up
(expand the silver) by heating the pen in your steamer.

I’m no expert…but I do collect the silly things, and have been
known to hang out with other pen-obsessed wackos. I may be able
to help if you give me more details.


Hi Chaitana

I hope nobody gets up in arms!

Soft solder a strong wire (ball the end of the wire to give it
extra holding power)to the area of the dent and gently pull on
the wire to ease the dent out just enough to disassemble the pen.
Use just enough solder to do the job so the you will have very
little to take off by hand and then remove the rest with
hydrochloric acid. Using the soft solder may be a bind but the
heat required should not damage any thing inside the pen.

I have done this with silverware in places that I could not get
into the back of.

Hope this may help solve your problem.
Major Boyce @pyramid

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

EVERYBODY has a talent. What is rare is the courage to follow that talent to
the dark place where it leads.

The Bromfield Pen Shop in Boston can fix anything. They’re
amazing. They also sell used and collectible pens and pencils.
Phone # 617-482-9053; fax 617-482-3693. 5 Bromfield Street,
Boston, MA 02108. I buy my fountain pens and ink there, and
they take care of my cherished writing instruments.

Good luck

Ann Dalrymple

Tom- That sounds like a great idea to solder directly to the
pencil, except that I cannot remove the mechanism (which is
supposed to be removeable) because the end tip is jammed on. The
Parker people say the tip is removeable, but they won’t and say
they don’ t know how. I don’t think I can solder the pencil with
the mechanism still inside. Removing the tip is the first
problem in the puzzle. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Hi Chaitana, Consider using Tom’s suggestion but substitute
epoxy for solder. Start with a large guage wire or even a wooden
dowel pin attached to the end cap. If this works on the cap try
it with dents that may not work with solder. After you’ve
accomplished what you need to at each step, dissolve the epoxy
with Attack. If the whole part cannot be placed in Attack for a
short soak apply Attack to the epoxy with a Q-tip. The Attack
evaporates very rapidly. Thus, you will need to keep
remoistening the Q-tip until glue is loosened. Be sure you have
very good ventilation. I go outside. Joyce in CO


This may be completely off the wall but if that dinged metal was
a lot bigger and had wheels I would just drill a small hole in it
and pull the dent with a slide hammer. Noo heat this way to spoil
the (plastic ?) mechanism but it does mean repairiung the hole
and any surface texture. I am keen to see it repaired - it’s got
my name on it :slight_smile:

Andy Parker
tel: 01229 584023