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Mea Culpa! YAK

I feel the need to offer my apology to Orchid as a whole and
Calvin in specific. My response to the tie clip question was
off-base at best and probably rude, too.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone, and I vow to refrain from sending
drunken email in the future! I should probably have been
heartily flamed, and appreciate that nobody took advantage of
the opportunity to do so!

Hoisted by his own petard (whatever that means),

A petard was a small cannon that was mounted on the railings of
sailing vessels and used to discourage unfriendly boarding
parties. Unfortunately it had a propensity for exploding rather
than firing. Thus it was more likely to clear the path for the
bording party than harm it.

A suitable punishment would be to make 4 dozen tie tacks…

Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography