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MDR Facet Machine

I have an MDR Facetor I bought at the manufacturing plant Kingwood,
TX a few years ago–I think its a 300 something (not computerized)
Cost at the time was $1600. I have tried to get the out-fit on line
but keep running into dead ends altho there is a
address or site. When I purchased the machine I was told that it
could be re-purchased by by the manufacturer if it were is good
shape. It was never used–poor health prevented it. I would like to
see if I can sell it back or just sell it. I would appreciate any
anyone can give me.

Thanks for any suggestions from the forum.

Joyce…MDR was purchased by Opal Options. You can reach Everett
Aplet at

He is a very gratious person to deal with.

Cheers from Don in SOFL.


You might try the 1400 member US Faceter’s Guild. Always someone
looking for a machine there.

It’s free.
Wayne Emery

Joyce here is one more resource MDR I believe the company had been
sold If you have questions about MDR machines or repair parts, call
them (not us) at: (208) 544-7708.


The faceters guild is probably a better place to list your machine. there is a link at the top left to
"join the list" The MDR machines are what GIA taught faceting on so
that’s a vote of confidence. You would probably get a fairer price

Thank you forum members. The MDR Facet machine is now sold. I am
amply satisfied with the terms. This was a brand new machine, never
used, the buyer had one just like it some years ago. I thank the
forum for the expertise of it’s experienced members and the
assistance in it’s valuation.