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[MD] Seeking a mentor

I have been lurking for months but I am getting frustrated. I am
seeking a mentor in or near the Columbia, MD area. I am willing to
drive to Baltimore or the north DC areas.

My father was a jeweler, making jewelry part time after his day job.
I learned a lot just standing at his elbow and watching for several
years. Unfortunately when I finally gained interest in getting hands
on experience, he passed away shortly after. He left me all of his
equipment and I have added to it.

I’d like to find a mentor. I am a beginner but I have taken 2
soldering classes and made 6 rings including one with a tube
setting. I am willing to helpin the shop in whatever way I can. I
did previously work in a jewelry storeas a counter sales person. I
currently work full time so this would have tohappen after 4 pm or
on weekends.

Anyone out there interested?

Best regards

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Hi Jacqueline,

Did you ever find a mentor? How is it going?

I am seeking a full time jeweler (40hrs/week). Any training needed will be provided. Well paying. Let me know if you are interested