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Mature designers

I was unable to open the digest after this one, so if I am repeating
what has been said, thanks for your patience.

I will jump into the fray, as it were, on this one. I believe what
your i nstructor was saying is that essentially an artist develops
his or her ow n voice over a period of time. When you are “newer” or
"less mature" you tend to emulate more, whereas when you mature as
an artist you are inspir ed by different things or individuals work,
but you tend to internalize t hat which inspires you and “spit it
out” in your own way. You see this ac tually in everything, not just
metals. You even see this generally in oth er professions besides the
arts (even in science). Now, I realize that th ere are folks out
there that are very good emulators. I also realize that , for
example, the faberge eggs were done by a whole squad of artists on
one piece (in which case there were many working on the vision of
one). T here are always instances where generalizations do not hold
true. But gen erally the more confident one is in their work, the
less searching they d o to find their own style…even when
experimenting with new techniques o r materials. This is not to be
confused with merely looking at what will sell, although you do have
to consider your market. Even when you conside r your market, you
still tend to put your own creative stamp on it.

Respectfully yours…