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Matte finish with lined texture


I have seen before jewelry that has a matte finish but you can see
the very faint lines of the brush all in one direction. It is not
sand blasted which would just be a uniform matte. Rather it is matte
but with lines.

Does anyone know what brush, or method is used for this? I want to
put this finish on both silver and gold.


Scratch brushing. Use a fine brass bristle brush and pumice powder a
little detergent, washing up liquid, helps. Obviously brush all in
the same direction. Some kitchen cleaning agents have pumice in it
to give abrasive ffect, experiment with this if its available. We
used to have a rotary scratch brush set up on a low speed polishing
motor turning with water mixed with detergent dripping onto it as it
rotated. Used to apply the pumice powder in paste form to the job
and then scratch with the rotating brush. You can get a satin
polishing media which you use on a bristle mop but it’s a bit
aggressive so go carefully.

Hope this helps. Hamish

I use the aluminum oxide wheel. Works great. Sometimes I finish with
a brass brush to get more shine after using the alum wheel.