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Matt vs Kerr Waxes

To all you wax carvers and modelmakers out there, please know that
Adolfo Mattiello is a very skilled platinumsmith and modelmaker in
his own right. He worked for years with Flyer in New York. It was
during this time that he began to experiment with new wax formulas
because he wanted a better, more consistent wax to work with. And
being the inventive, brilliant and energetic man that he is, he came
up with easy-to-use, inexpensive tools to make his life as a
modelmaker easier. Over time, the tool and wax manufacturing took
over and he quit the jeweler/modelmaking business. He opened Du-Matt
Corp. to produce his waxes and tools. He also began writing books, to
which I have had the privilege of contributing input.

Adolfo runs his business with family and a small crew of dedicated
workers. He supervises everything because consistent, good products
are absolutely essential. He also product tests everything personally
which means a lot. He’s not just some chemical engineer or business
product manager, he’s a person with intimate knowledge of the needs
and requirements of professional jewelers and modelmakers.

I only use Matt waxes, primarily green and sometimes purple. I
rarely if ever encounter the air bubbles or contaminants (black hard
inclusions, fibers) that I used to find in other competitors’

I admit Adolfo is a dear friend and mentor, but I can unequivocally
say that I love his products and use them all the time.

Donna Shimazu

Hello everyone, I have done a bazillion wax models as I have said
before, and the only wax I use is Matt waxes… I have tried the Kerr
wax but I feel it just doesn’t have the same consistancy of the Matt
wax… there isalso something about the feel of the wax, for intsance
the green Matt wax is 99% the wax I use, sometimes I use the purple
as well, when I used the Kerr wax in green, I think it had a completly
different feel. I couldn’t pin point what it was but I knew I didn’t
care for it… Now it sounds like I am promoting a product here, but
belive me I am not… I could have gotten a bad tube of wax from Kerr.
I am simply stating my preference when it comes to wax… I do a lot of
under carriage work and settings with azurs for the stones with
channels as well as prong work , so I need the consistancy the I get
with Matt waxes…so that’s my two cents worth… I hope it helps…
Marc Williams

How do Ferris Waxes fare in this whole swirling kettle of choices? A
curious supplier, Dan Woodard

Hello Dan, The Ferris waxes seem just a bit harder than the other
brands. The green a step harder than other greens; the blue a bit
harder than the other blues and so on. I favor the green because it
gives me sharper corners and does not clog up my files. I, me and my;
all in one sentence. Wow. Tom