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Match Star Ruby

Help! Does anyone out there know where I could send a star ruby to
get it matched. About 15 years ago one of my students bought 5 star
rubies (they’re genuine) at a rock show and had me make a ring for
her. She’s lost one of the stones. I’m not kidding you I’ve been
trying to match this thing for two years. It’s been to California,
and a friend took it to Tucson last year, and I just sent it to the
Joseph Stachura Co. and no one seems to be able to match this
stone. Surely, someone specializes in these things. Please help!
I’m sure she thinks she’ll never see her ring again. Thanks ~Poppy~

i have a couple star rubies…what carat and cut mm? if you have
photo i will try to match…otherwise there are many Internet stone
purchasing locations that have direct contacts in India… but be
warned buyer beware… i have heard stories… ringman john

 Does anyone out there know where I could send a star ruby to >get
it matched. 

Try the: Star Shine Ltd Bangkok, Thailand
e-mail: They show at the February Tucson Show at
the ex- Holiday Inn City Center (it has a new name now)

I know nothing about this company except that I happen to have a very
lovely color advertising brochure sitting on top of my computer and
very prominently featured are many beautiful star stones and cats-eye
stones and impressive star rubies.

If it is a high end stone (expensive) you might also try my Tucson
Show partner as he specializes in these materials:

Christian Heinzmann at H. R. Benedict & Sons NYC Phone: 212-819-1793

Best regards
Robert Lowe, Lowe Associates - Brasil, Gemstones, Rough, Specimens
Tucson February 7 - 12, 2002 - GJX # 205
e-mail <@Robert>

Hi Poppy and all, I have a small parcel of Indian [mined & cut] star
rubies. These were produced in the early 80’s and came from the Andra
Pradesh territory. They are a purplish-red - with some asterism. They
are inexpensive as Ruby goes. If you can advise the size and shape
requirements, I may be able to help.

Roger Dery
Spectral Gems, Inc.
Birmingham, Michigan