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Master Waxes

HI All Are you feed up with spending hours carving a wax and it then
all goes wrong in the cast .Here is a tip that can save alot of time
and you still have your master wax ! All you need to do is make a
mold of the wax using cold cure rubber,with care and practice the wax
can be cut out without any damage to the wax .We tend to use a wood
screw with the end cut off screwed into the wax as a sprue. Inject
away and you have asmany waxes as you will ever need For large waxes
we have found latex rubber ,the type you paint on or dip(used for
candle making molds) very good ,this we usually have to back up with
plaster Give it a try it could save hours . .

David Sheard

Can you tell me where I could buy the products (cold cure rubber and
latex rubber) that you have suggested using for wax molds. Thank
you. You can E-mail me at I appreciate your time.