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Master goldsmith Gordon Aatlo passed away

Gordon Aatlo, one of America’s finest Master Goldsmiths, passed away
this evening from leukimia. A third generation goldsmith, he worked
in the Bay Area for over 58 years. There will be a memorial service
in the near future.

What a loss, He was a good person along with being a true master of
his craft.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

This is really sad news indeed. I never met Gordon but spoke briefly
a few times as we were friends on Facebook. I really loved his work.



Like Helen, I never met him in person either, but we’d conversed
several times in the online-world. He was always so gracious,
encouraging and unassuming. I’ve always been an admirer of him and
his work. He will definitely be missed.