[MASSC] Digital photography seminar

Hi All,

Metal Arts Society of Southern California (MASSC) invites you to
participate in a digital photography seminar to be held in Irvine,
CA - Spectrum Area. Select either Saturday, May 15th or Sunday, May
16th 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (IF Friday, May 14th works better for
you - E-mail me!!)

“Whew, the single most largest expense I had last year was for my
photography work!”

Sound familiar? I am excited about MASSC bringing this seminar
opportunity to Southern California because as artists we want to
promote our work through web sites, slides, sales brochures, or
E-bay yet SAVE on photographic fees. Self-promotion and illustration
of our work requires good photography.

Slash through the “photographic and technology mystery”, camera
settings, and lighting issues with this hands-on seminar EVEN IF YOU
HAVE NOT YET PURCHASED a digital camera or photo editing software.
Every attendee will not only have the opportunity to learn to take
pictures, but also produce at least one great color print to take
home! Work with other attendees even if you do not have a digital
camera. This is a good opportunity to see what=92s out there if you
can=92t decide what camera to purchase.

-Come away with a professional photograph, including lunch, for only

-Settings and solutions that work with YOUR camera or contemplated

-Unique close-up lenses available for detail work.

-How to process photos and not lose quality.

-Using Photoshop or other editors to enhance your work.

-Learn or improve digital technology skills for ongoing photographic

This hands-on seminar teaches how to photograph small and reflective
items with a product called the Cloud Dome. Cloud Dome is a
light-diffusing dome that eliminates hot spots, reflection and
glare. There are several products on the market that help control
lighting for taking good pictures, and this is one of the least

Come away from this seminar with a strong knowledge base. You should
bring your digital camera and anything you want to photograph to the
seminar. Of course, the Cloud Dome works WITH ANY camera.

SIGN UP: http://www.massconline.com/events/Cloud%20Dome.pdf


We look forward to seeing you at the seminar. If you can=92t enroll
for the designated weekend please let me know why you can=92t take
advantage of this opportunity. Be sure to watch the calendar for
other seminars in California in the coming months.

My best,
Trish McAleer - http://www.metalcorrugation.com
MASSC President - http://www.massconline.com