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Mass Manufacturing

I sent a question earlier today about Mass Manufacturing. I wanted
to explain my question in more detail. I am new to the jewelry
industry and am looking for ways of having my sterling silver
designs mass manufactured. I’m not sure of the quantity I want done
yet. I need to get more before I can determine that. I
already looked on the site and could not find answers to my
question. I need to know of of places that do mass manufacturing
for sterling silver jewelry designs, inside or outside of the U.S.;
and/or any websites, books, magazines that can give me more
Thank you!

A place to start maybe the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of
America Also you may wish to get hold of an
Albuquerque, NM yellow pages. and a Providence RI yellow pages

Steve Guyot

Kamysha, Try contacting Hiam Silber. Email: or
phone: 713-784-6226.

Joel Schwalb