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Mass finishing wood pieces


I am carving small exotic wood pieces - @ 1/2" to 2" square and
1/8" thick - to make earrings and broaches, but need a way to
mass finish them – polish them to a nice shine. I would like to
use a tumbler but I do not know which polishing compound to use.
I must use a dry process and I would rather not use a compound
that imparts color. I currently have 14/20 and 20/40 corn cob
and am experimenting with it alone, but it looks like I will need
a polish compound with it. Anyone ever have any success with
wood in these tumblers? Thanks for your assistance!

B. D. Miner


Have you ever considered importing small parts like these from
the Philippines? This company ( can do it for
you even in relatively small volumes if you get in touch with
them directly.



have worked on sanding and polishing wood by tumblerfor many
years as part of my woodworking hobby, Ihave used torn up bits
of already used up sandpaper and sanding belts as the filler and
finisher fgor small disc earingng as well as cut shaped pieces
of exotics for earings and pendants. worn out sandpaper is aways
finer than the original grit and is almost free as well as a
good worker. the first few batches watch it carefully for
timing that varies with the size and shape of the pieces in the
tumbler. Lots of luck Leon K @LKusher


Have you tried experimenting with the ground walnut shells?
Believe RGI carries them/it, or someone may be able to help. I
don’t have a supplier any longer (used them to tumble soft stone
to a lustrous finish myself, years back) as my walnut treet in
W.Va. got sold when mom sold the farm. Good luck. Sharon Holt