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Mass finishing problem


Hi all,

I am having a periodic problem which is the most frustrating type
problem. I am tumble polishing my Argentium Silver pieces in mixed
stainless steel shot with Rio Grande’s Super Sunsheen Burnishing
Compound in my Lortone tumbler. Sometimes my pieces come out fine,
other times they come out looking like stainless steel! What is up
with that? and How can I take that stainless finish off the pieces
and re-polish? Help, the show starts Friday.

Thanks. -Rockey


Sometimes steel will color your silver. It usually is a result of
runs that are too long. Unless you are using steel for hardening, you
simply don’t need runs in excess of 35 minutes.

If you have no stones, run for an hour in vibratory tumbler with
fine abrasive, wet. Rio blue clean cut is a good choice. Then back to
the steel - but for a max of 25 minutes. Alternative - run in ceramic
beads instead of steel.

The ceramic won’t fix your problem by Friday - it needs to be
conditioned for several days and after conditioning, runs are
typically a minimum of 36 hours.

If you have stones, use red or blue bristle discs (3M) to remove
color, then gold and green for final polish.

Or - ignore the color - most folks can’t discern metal colors or
don’t find them objectionable.

Judy Hoch



Or - ignore the color - most folks can't discern metal colors or
don't find them objectionable. 

Very good advice.

Won’t help me, my are getting older but for some reason the colour
sense or intolerance is still really good. I know most folks don’t
see it so I won’t mention it unless asked, but for me it is about as
subtle as being slapped across the fore head with a large dead fish.

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