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Masonic stones, tiny nicks - repair possible?

We are experiencing an increased problem with getting small nicks or
chips when hammering bezels on masonic stones. blue and black onyx
stones especially. i don’t know if the stones are softer/cheaper or
if our hammer piece has become so hardened that any touch to the
stone results in a nick. anyway, does anyone know of a way to touch
up tiny, tiny nicks on mounted masonic stones. most nicks are so
tiny and we hate to sacrifice the whole stone. are there polishing
points or tiny laps available that could be run in a flex shaft.
thanking you all in advance for any advice.

Jim Fortescue President StarCraft Diamonds Inc. 444 Stewart Parkway
Washington NC 27889 1-800-262-6208 Ext 122 252-946-5333 Fax