Masking 4 Blasting finishes

Folks-- Not sure who the orginal question came from about masks.
The newest product on the market for masking comes from:

ESI (Engravers Supply International) 1-800-654-8414
411 North Griffin St.
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Its called Putty Mask, a two part material like costaldos new
model material, it’s probably from the same family of compounds It
is a silly putty like substance that you can roll out and make
as thin as you want, cut it into strips, cut patterns into with
ceramacists cutters(those little design cutters that fimo clay
modelers use. etc), experiment. Put it on a mold shape and it
retains that shape and can be reused a number of times. This
technology is a year old and they may now even have a liquid
version that may meet your needs. They can probably tell you if
the liquid latex masking fluid everyone has mention will
withstand the media you plan to use.

A word of caution. No matter what you use for masking, be it
glue, wax, vinyl shelf paper, duck tape, putty mask or a zillion
other things, you have to take into account more than just what
your using for a mask. If your pressure is too high, grit too
abrasive, or the smoothness of your technique (ie. staying in
one place to long or to often in one place) is off, you can and
will cut thru the best of masks, especially about the edges. So
by all means experiment first and save your self some headaches.

Want to have some fun-- take a bangle blank (flat) wrap some
rubber bands or some string around it. Lay it in your blasting
cabinet throw a few other things on top like paper clips, widow
screen etc. and blast a little. Then take off some of the bits
and pieces you threw on and blast again. This is what we call
stage blasting, although it’s rather crude version. It creates a
multi layered effect. Someday when I have the time, I’m going
to buy some of that vinyl confetti that card stores sell (all
those neat little shapes) and glue bits and pieces to a blank
and have some fun. Of course you then just form your bangle and

Sorry for rambling. As a final note, media vaporizes and when
inhaled can and will cause health problems, especially silica
based media. Please, Please wear a good quality respirator.

Good Luck,
Leslie (Sandspitter)