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Martin Mathews video

       The video Kevin is referring to is a truly remarkable - it
is called 'Martin Matthews, Four Generations of Watchcase Makers'
and is available through the Antiquarian Horological Society 

Ian, Thank you for the info on the Martin Mathews video. I just
finished watching my newly received copy. It is excellent,
everything you described. Since I already own Mr. Mathews’ book on
engine turning, I was hoping the video would include some work
being done on his rose lathe. And, it does!

For anyone interested in the video, I will offer one correction:
the tape is now available (only source?) directly from Barbara
Darby, the tape’s videographer and director.
VHS / NTSC versions available.

Teri Jo Kinnison

I just viewed a copy of this tape and found it to be fascinating. If
you are at all interested in making small boxes or silversmithing I
would recommend watching this video. Although watchcase making is
very specialized craft the skills he demonstrates are widely
applicable to small scale silversmithing and jewelry work.

Thank you to the Orchid members who brought it up.

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